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Lochamp International Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LoChamp Group, taking charge of the whole overseas business for LoChamp. LoChamp is devoted into the production of mechanical sets of equipment for animal feed, organic fertilizer and biomass fuel. We can provide the whole solutions from design, manufacturing, installation to maintenance to animal feed project, biomass project, fertilizer project, silo project and steel structure project.

Founded in 1996, LoChamp has accumulated more than 20 years of service experience in set projects. The control technology for quality of animal feed tends to be mature. Besides, LoChamp have made great improvements in the mixing uniformity, the residue of waste and the cross contamination of feed, as well as achieving many patent results.

  • In 1996

    Longchang Animal Husbandry Factory was founded. The first vertical feed mixing machine specially designed for farm was researched, developed and manufactured.

  • In 2000

    the first set of manual proportioning pellet feed equipment for feed mills was researched, developed and manufactured.

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