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Our company is mainly engaged in pig feed and chicken feed which have the same annual output. And an hourly output of 10 tons is required, then what size of the production line is appropriate for me to choose?

according to the above situations, you can install a 420 feed production line or two 350 feed production lines.
The differences lie in:
(1) If you choose two 350T/H production lines, the two pelletizing machines can operate simultaneously to produce different feeds. The production demands are met at the same time and the output is higher than that of a single 420 production line.
(2) A single 420 production line can only process one kind of material. You need to shut down the machine and change the ring die for changing materials.
(3) From the point of cost, the expense for two 350 production lines is about 20000 yuan more than that of a single 420 production line. Therefore, we recommend customers to choose two 350 production lines if it is affordable. This includes a set of 110kw  grinder, a set of mixing machine with 1tons and two 350 pelletizing machines. But if the investment amount is limited, the 420 feed production line is also a good option.

There is always residue in the silo after proportioning. So manual work is needed to use rawhide hammer to beat the silo, which is very troublesome.
So will this happen too in LoChamp silo?

This will not happen in our silos. Because a 45° inclined enlarged gate is mounted on the cone bottom of our silo, resulting a increased bottom cross section. Thus the materials are not easy to be piled up. We can also install a vibrating device on the outside of the silo. After proportioning, carry out the operation of vibration of uniform force directly in the central control room. If using a hammer to knock on the silo housing, it is easy to deform the cone bottom of the silo for inhomogeneous force. As a result, more materials are remained, requiring much time and effort.

After using for a long period, the problems such as loud noise and sever vibration will appear in the grinder.
How that comes?

Generally, it is because that the grinder hammer is worn seriously to cause dynamic unbalance, or the hammer is stuck in the grinding chamber and doesn’t get out during the operation. In addition, the above problems may occur if the grinder is overloaded for a long time, which will cause main shaft bending and bearing wear. So it is necessary to regularly check the equipment. And do not use equipment irregularly.

How many workers are needed for a pellet production line with an annual output of 60000 tons?

An automatic pellet production line of 60000 tons requires 7 operators, including 1 central control person, 2 feeding person, 1 pelletizing staff and 3 packers.

To built a 420 production line for broiler feed, how much kilowatt is consumed for per ton of feed? How many steam is required per hour? And how about the air pressure?

15 kilowatt-hour is consumed for one ton of feed. And 1tons of steam per hour is required for feed preparing. And the air pressure is usually 4MPa.
If you have any questions about feed production line and machines, please contact us. We are confident to give you perfect answers timely by virtue of over 20 years of industry experience.

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