• Maintenance Scene Of Pelletizing Machine Ring Die

      Feed production enterprises should seriously follow the deironing and impurity removal principles to prevent foreign matter from entering the ring die. Metal impurities embedded in the ring die must be punched or drilled out from the extruded holes. In no cases shall the ring die be performed with fusion welding treatment.

    • Dynamic Balance Field Check Of Grinder Rotor

      Each rotor should be strictly checked for dynamic balance to reduce the wear of bearing, hammer frame and other parts. Thus the maintenance rate of the equipment is reduced and the production efficiency and life span of the equipment are improved.

    • Maintenance Of Transmission Chain Of Mixing Machine

      The transmission chain of the mixer should be brushed with moderate amount of NO.30 mechanical oil and be cleaned regularly. This ensures good lubrication between the chains. Pay attention that all related machines must be shut down before operating any maintenance and repair of the mixing machine. Meanwhile, make sure to prevent the mixing machine from being booted in any possible means in order to avoid machine failure and personal injury.

    • TGSS Scraper Conveyor Maintenance Field

      During the production, users should regularly check if all the conveyor parts are in perfect conditions especially the scraper chain, chain wheel. If sever wear or loosening occurs, then you need to adjust, repair or change them.

    • Maintenance Scene Of Grinding Chamber Of Grinding Machine

      Before operating the grinder, operators should be familiar with mechanical property and the mechanical structure. And before booting, it is also necessary to check carefully whether the fasteners are loose and the coupling is installed following the requirements. Besides, the motor is required to touch the ground and foreign matters like iron ore and gravel should not be mixed in the raw materials.

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