LoChamp can provide complete engineering procurement constructions like animal feed production line, biomass production line, organic fertilizer production line, including consultation, design, infrastructure, manufacturing, installation, training and other whole processes.

  • Construction

    LoChamp has been dedicated to becoming the solution expert of complete feed equipment. Now we have a professional customer service consulting team to provide comprehensive consultation service for customers throughout the whole project life cycle. This helps customers to quickly realize their developing visions.

    Our consultation service includes: project research and pre-assessment, technical consultation, construction cost budget, risk assessment and after-sales follow-up consultation. Employing nearly 50 people, the customer service center provides 24-hour expert consultation service and answers customers’ all kinds of questions and problems based on their actual demands.

  • Design

    At present, LoChamp has built three product research and development centers. We have carried out scientific research cooperation projects with Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology and many other domestic colleges and universities.

    This aims to develop a professional technology research and development team, possessing over 60 product patents. Among them, the knife grinder, single-shaft paddle mixer, double belt integral shaft granulator and circular residue-free cooler are independently researched and developed by LoChamp. To conform to the trend of transformation and upgrading in manufacturing industry, the LOP intelligent robot palletizer is researched, developed and introduced jointly by LoChamp with British LOP Industrial Automation Co., ltd.

  • Civil Construction

    Now LoChamp offers overall development project, complete factory area planning and the construction of steel structure factory, as well as providing general drawing of steel structure following customers’ requirements. The steel structure mill built by LoChamp has comprehensive advantages of light dead weight, high strength, short construction cycle and strong anti-vibration performance. This helps customers in shortening construction period, reducing cost and improving the overall benefits of the projects.

    Since our establishment, we have served over one thousand of feed production enterprises and completed a large collection of large and medium feed machinery , as well as the planning and construction of steel structure projects. In a word, we have been widely praised by clients.

  • Manufacturing

    LoChamp owns independent modern CNC processing and production center. We also adopt internationally advanced CNC laser cutter, CNC bending machine, flame cutting machine, CNC machining center, automatic arc-submerging welder, CNC plate shearer, sand blast and spraying machine and other professional production equipment to guarantee elaborate production of the equipment and steel structure. Meanwhile, the matching motor, reduction gear and bearing used in our main equipment are all of famous brands to provide clients with the most sophisticated and durable feed equipment.

    Our company has several research and development centers, plus new product experimental bases. All the new products will be conducted with overload operating test before launching, ensuring that the delivered products are 100% qualified.

  • Installation

    After 20 years of development since its establishment in 1996, LoChamp has trained a group of after-sales service and installation teams with rich experience, sophisticated business skills and technology proficiency. Once the customers’ solutions are determined, we will send a professional installation team to the site to install the corresponding equipment according to their actual situations. They will get down to the debugging and follow up the whole possess to ensure zero error in installation stage. We have established thousands of various feed projects which are successfully delivered to clients since our establishment. We will try our best to create a customer satisfied turkey projects in the shortest installation period.

  • Training

    To ensure that the whole production system runs safely and reliably, our company train the clients from three stages of equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging. It is helpful for customers in handling the daily management, operation, maintenance, basic troubleshooting and other operations of the equipment, thus reducing the possible economic loss caused by machine faults.

    LoChamp always adheres to the interests of customers and updates the training content in time based on clients’ actual situations to solve all kinds of the possible problems occurring in the engineering equipment. With perfect training system, the customers can truly control the production process rapidly and independently, achieving the greatest economic benefits.

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