Pellet mill is the key equipment in pellet feed production line. Pellet mill is mainly composed of three parts--feeder, conditioner and pellet mill host, which is consisted of body, chassis, hollow spindle assembly, ring die, roller assembly, cutter components, security devices, the main motor drive system, etc.

LoChamp SZLH series pellet mill is equipped with high quality ring die, roller and advanced technology.


LoChamp Ring die adopts high quality high-chromium stainless steel forgings, precision machining, vacuum heat treatment process, punch hole polishing, long service life.
Please contact us if you need different type of ring die.
By changing motor and ring die, pellet mill can adapted to different production capacities and needs of different specification, to achieve ideal technical and economic benefits.

Roller is mainly composed of eccentric shaft, roll shells, rings, shell, intervals, rolling bearings, ring washer, floor clip, round nut etc.

In the pellet feed production process, there will be wearing of ring die and roller which must be regularly inspected for wearing and proper adjustment of roller so that it is slightly touch with the ring die.

Please contact us if you need different type of roller.

LoChamp pellet mill roller is inward eccentrically when leave factory, the gap between roller out edge and ring die inner diameter is the maximal.


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