Biomass pellet mill

  • Model: MZLH250, MZLH350, MZLH420, MZLH520.
  • Main motor power (kw): 11*2 - 75*2.
  • Capacity (t/h): 0.2 - 2.
  • Pellet Diameter (mm): 6-8.
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Biomass pellet mill


  • Biomass pellet mill
  • Biomass pellet mill
  • Biomass pellet mill


According to our experience in industries of biomass, we have designed MZLH biomass pellet mill. MZLH biomass pellet mill can pellet dfficiently towards different materials, which enables our customers get maximum benefits from it .


1.Advanced feature is superior to belt and gear pellet machine.

2.The support bar and main shaft are forged together,keep uniform gap between roller and ring die,ensure high efficiency. Output increases 10-12%,reduce maintenance rate.
3.Add oil when starting up,user can set the adding oil volume and period according to the case,avoid wrong operation hurting the machine.
4.Stainless steel gate,long durability
5.Pneumatic fast discharging gate,avoid burning the motor or damage the equipment.
6.Forged bear,long durability
7.VIP configuration:SKF bear,siemens motor,schneider electric,touching screen cabinet.


Name Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Pellet Size(mm) Ring diameter(mm)coefficient Roller ammount
Pellet Mill MZLH250 11*2 0.2-0.3 6-8 250 2
Pellet Mill MZLH420 55*2 1-1.3 6-8 420 2
Pellet Mill MZLH520 75*2 1.5-2 6-8 520 2


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