TBLM Series Jet Filter Dust Collector

  • Type: Dust Collector.
  • Air volume(m³/h): 1360-10800.
  • Filting Area( m²): 4,9,12,36,48.
  • Certificates: CE and ISO90001: 2008.
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TBLM Series Jet Filter Dust Collector


  • TBLM Series Jet Filter Dust Collector
  • TBLM Series Jet Filter Dust Collector
  • TBLM Series Jet Filter Dust Collector


LoChamp TBLM series pulse dust filter belongs to bag-type and high-pressure inverse spray dust collector, widely used for dust collecting and recycling use in grain, feed processing, machinery manufacturing and cement field etc.


1. Adopt TDFK type high pressure solenoid valve, increase air blowing,  good dust removal effect; air inlet 

is above ash hopper which avoids the dust air scour bag directly, improve the use life of the bag.

2. Adopt bags’ fast loading and unloading mechanism patent technology. The upper space can reduce 1.5 meters height; when open the door, we can quickly remove the filter bag one by one.

3. The unique blowing device,using open remove type bag structure,easy to repair.

4. The filter area of each bag is 1 m2 which can greatly reduce cover area.


Model Power(kw) Air volume(m3/h) Motor series Size(mm)
TBLM4Y 1.1 2100-3200 2 1056×745×1314
TBLM36Y / 4320-8640 / 1712.5×1590×2550
TBLM48Y / 5400-10800 / 1990×1712.5×2550
TBLM4 1.5 360-720 2 885×1246×1755.5
TBLM9 2.2 1080-2160 2 932×1905×1756
TBLM12 3 1440-2880 2 857×2315×1756


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