SFSP Series Hammer mill

  • Type: Grinder Machine
  • Capacity ( T/H ) : 3 - 12
  • Power (KW):18.5 - 160
  • Processed materials:corn, sorghum, rice, crushed cake,etc.
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SFSP Series Hammer mill


  • SFSP Series Hammer mill
  • SFSP Series Hammer mill
  • SFSP Series Hammer mill


LoChamp  has  upheld  the  development   philosophy  of “Energy Saving,  Environment Cleaning,  Efficient Production” for 19 years since the first hammer mill was invented.  Our group has obtained a number  of  national patents by continuous upgrading  of hammer mill whose performance has  reached international advanced level.


1.Patented ventilating from shaft end system, output of small aperture material increase by more than 25%.

2.Widened grinding surface, fully optimized hammer arrangement, wonderful performance in micro grinding.

3.High-precision dynamic balance detecting rotor, little vibration, low noise.

4.Advanced teardrop-shaped crushing chamber design, reasonable structure of the secondary crushing, output increase by 25% compared to other models

5.Movable operating door and linkage sieve press structure, more convenient for operation and maintenance.

6.Forward and reverse work of rotor, longer service life of hammer.

7.Equipped with safety interlocking device for safety.

8.Using the new-type adjustable sieve pressure plate, adjustable back gauge and tuning technique, to destroy the material circul ation layer.



Model Size(mm) Power(kw) number.of 
Screen Hole
SFSP56×30 938×650×1438 18.5 18 Ф3.0 3-4
938×650×1438 22 18 Ф3.0 3-4
SFSP56×40 991×982×1637 30 22 Ф3.0 5-6
991×982×1637 37 22 Ф3.0 5-6
SFSP56×60 715×978×2057 45 34 Ф3.0 5-6
715×978×2057 55 34 Ф3.0 6-10
/ 75 34 Ф3.0 6-10
SFSP66×80 1150×1340×2548 90 96 Ф1.0 6-8
1150×1340×2548 110 96 Ф1.0 7-9.5
SFSP66×100 1340×1150×2800 132 120 Ф1.0 8-11
1340×1150×2800 160 120 Ф1.0 11-12


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