Animal feeds

You can feed the animal anything you like to make them growing bigger,so why you still need feed machines?

Let’s take chicken for example,if you feed them normal grains only or let them to find food themselves,it may take 1 year for them to grow big enough before you can eat them.Such a long time,you may start to love those chicken and do not want to eat them any more.

So what we are talking about now is the complete feed,or called formula feed,is to set up a reasonable nutrition proportion in the daily diet to meet the needs of different animals in different growing periods.Also chicken for example,we will need different feeds when we want to table poultry to grow quickly from baby to strong cock in 3-4 months or we want make the hens to lay eggs earlier.

how to make animal feeds

If you want to make mash feed, the manufacturing process: Cleaning -- Crushing -- Mixing -- Packing

Generally,we can divide the raw materials into two parts:one need to be crushed,the other need not.So when we feed material to the feed production line,we will first separately feed them to different channels: particle materials go through feeding port to the feed grinder,mash materials go through feeding port to the feed mixer directly.Usually,there are impurities in the particle material,so they will first be put into the pre-cleaner to remove the stones,clods and ropes etc. from them,and the go to the permanent magnetic tube to remove the iron part.The Cleaning system will help you to get the clean material and ensure that there’s no unexpected impurities to damage the following feed equipment.

All cleaned materials will be stored and discharged in the bin for the hammer mill.As the hammer mill is the key machine of crushing system.

Evenly mix different materials into complete mash feed.All materials are mixed together in the feed mixer.Usually the volume of the bin for mixer,mixer and the buffer bin are all the same to ensure the mixer can work continuously batch after batch.Please note that the you must make sure the materials every batch in the mixer are accurate to your formula(so you have to weigh the material every batch before feed them to the feeding port.).If it is OK for your budget,you can change for automatic production line to let the computers do this.Premix feed are delivered into the mixer directly because of the small quantity and accurate requirement.

Mash feed(or powder feed) after mixing can be called complete feed now.If you want only to make mash feed,you can send them to the product bin to be packed.

If you want to make pellet feed, the manufacturing process: Cleaning -- Crushing -- Mixing -- Pelleting -- Cooling -- Packing

For pellet feed,the mash feed will go to the following feed making machine.

Pellet mill will form the mash feed into pellet feed.Usually we use ring die pellet mill for feed production line,by changing different ring dies of the pellet mill we can make pellets of different sizes for different animals.

As we have add steam to the pellet mill,the pellet out from the pellet mill will be about 80℃,moisture 15%-16%,not suitable to pack,so we need to cool them.

Fan,cyclone,airlock and necessary pipes form a system to provide airflow for the counter-flow cooler,pellet feed will be cooled in the cooler and discharged. After cooling,the temperature of the pellet will be about 2-3℃ above the room temperature and with 13% moisture more or less.

Usually we will add crumble under the cooler.If we are to make small pellet,directly making it from the pellet mill will reduce the capacity of the whole plant and cost more energy,we can first make bigger pellet and then send it to crumble to make it smaller.

Some Tips for making feed

Dust in the workshop may course serious accident,so when it is OK with your budget,do not ignore the dust collecting equipment.

It is better for you not to produce poultry feed and cattle feed in one feed production line,that may course diseases of the animals;If you are to do so,do remember to clean all the machines before you change the formula.

Normally,pig feed and poultry feed and other animal feed can share one feed production line(not including floating fish feed but sink feed is OK),cattle feed should not be done at the same line.

When you make your business plan in feed industry,you must first get the formula you need.This will also help me to design the technical process of the feed production line accurately for you.

Why choose LoChamp feed making machine

LoChamp is a capable feed making machine manufacturer and supplier, which has engaged in feed machinery for 20 years and thus has rich experience on feed machinery after repeated attempts and trials.


All key equipment like motor, reducer and bearing parts are equipped from first-class brand.


To ensure the refined products, LoChamp production all use CNC laser cutting, CNC bending presses,flaming cutting machine, CNC machining center, NC shearing machine, sand blasting and baking varnish equipment.


LoChamp has a professional installation team with skilled training. All after-sales engineers stand by 24 hours, who will respond immediately for customers’ requirements.


LoChamp establishes two new products test base. All new products have to go through over-loaded production to ensure 100% qualified quality before launching to the market.


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