Animal Feed Line

LoChamp are able to provide complete animal feed production line solutions, including total planning, civil engineering, steel construction, storage system, feed processing machinery, intelligent packing, electrical control system. LoChamp has engaged in feed machine for 20 years and thus has rich experience on feed machinery after repeated attempts and trials.

  • Chicken
  • Cattle
  • Pig
  • Fish


  • 01 Material Receive System

    Easy to operate,every inlet has one impulse dust collector,keep environment clean,protect workers healthy.

  • 02

    Crushing System

    Pre-cleaner clean raw material ,then after magnet separator,storage bin and feeder,material goes into crusher to become powder.

  • 03 Batching & Mixing System

    After crushing,original powder and some premix will be weighed in batching scale according to proportional,then go down to mixer to reach uniformity.

  • 04 Pelleting&Cooling System

    After using high temperature steam to make raw material curing, the materials will be made to pellet through pellet press machine. Then the pellet will be cooled down by cooler.

  • 05

    Packing System

    The finish product contain pellet of normal size,smaller size and bigger size.By use grading sieve,we can get normal size pellet.

  • 06 Plant Control system

    CCP/MCC are designed as per the requirement of the customer. It can also control automation level.

All kinds of Animal Feed Line

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