“Keeping Contract and Valuing Credit Enterprise of Henan Province”
“Prominent Enterprise of Jiaozuo”

Henan Longchang Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd (LoChamp) was founded in 1996, which cover an area of 50000㎡ & hold a team of 800 employees. We mainly focus on supplying complete solution for animal feed project, biomass project, organic fertilizer project, silo storage system, as well as steel structure project. With time going by, we are proud to be in the list of China top five suppliers.

1. Complete set animal feed equipment.
2. Complete set equipment for waste solid-liquid separation .
3. Complete set equipment for waste oxidation pond .
4. Complete set equipment for harmless and resourceful utilization of waste fermentation.
5. Complete set equipment for powder, ball and columnar organic fertilizer.
6. Organic fertilizer production and sales.

LoChamp have passed the standard of ISO quality management system and all equipment supplied by LoChamp also meet CE standard, clients from global market have solid relationship with us and we have finalized numerous projects in Australia, Algeria, England, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Mauritania...etc.

Strong Product Development Capabilities

Three R&D centers, more than 60 product patents, R&D Personnel account for 30%. By introduction of high-tech achievements and learning advanced technology.

Parts quality control from the source

All motors, reducers and key equipment bearing parts are world-class brands, cooperated with machines to operate perfectly and ensure product quality.

Leading production equipment

Many areas get our own patented technology, products through the European CE certification, the company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.

Refinement of the production

Group has an independent production of modern CNC machining centers, a leading international professional production and processing equipment and technology.

Modern plant

5S management to develop good work habits, improve production efficiency and guarantee products quality.


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Henan Longchang Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996,which is acknowledged as “Keeping Contract and Valuing Credit Enterprise of Henan Province” , ”Prominent Enterprise of Jiaozuo”.

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