ZZ Series Automatic Packing Scale


Belt feed scale is suitable for powder and granular materials, spiral feed scale applies only to powder material.


1.Accuract measurement owning to unique anti-shock device, high speed for bagging, stable operation under complicated working conditions;

2. easy maintenance;

3.The key parts are all imported with long service life and strong anti-jamming ability;

4.Modify at any time and track automatically;


Model ZZP-50 ZZLP-50 ZZX-50 ZZLX-50 ZZ-50 ZZL-50
Size(mm) 2500×2700×1556 2500×2700×2800 1742×900×2594 2500×2700×2596 / /
Static Precision Ref     (0.2)     ×     (0.2)
Dynamic Precision 10g
Power/Gas AC     380V     50HZ     0.4-0.8     Mpa
Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5+0.75 1.5+0.75    /    /
Bagging Speed(Bag/h) 200-300 300-500 150-250 240-400 200-350 400-700

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