TQLZ Series Vibrating Sifter


Processed Material:clean and grade raw materials like wheat, corn, rice, oil plants.

Feature: Low noise, low energy consumption and stable operation.

Application:Milling, Feeding, Chemical Industry.


TQLZ series vibrating sifter is applied to food processing plants and raw material pre-cleaning for food warehouses. The sieves of different specification can separate large, small and light impurities from wheat, rice, corn oil materials, etc. It equips with two screens and has a good effect on cleaning up grains with big impurities.


1. Low noise, low energy consumption and stable operation.

2. Can be used in the cleaning of soya bean, corn, wheat, rice, etc.

3. Compact structure design, good sealing, great performance, high production efficiency.

4. Driven by vibration motor. Centrifugal force and vibrating direction could be adjusted.


Model Power(kw) Capacity (t/h) Motor series Size(mm)
TQLZ200×200 1.1×2 32-40 6 2570×2110×2630

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