SFSP Series Hammer mill

Being designed in small scale and economical grinding equipment for material crushing. Also applies in areas such as food processing, brewing, chemical and biological.Have a large number of loyal customers in the world; the feedback of customers is very good.

The Same Power, More Productive ;High Capacity, Low Energy Consumption ;Humanization.

Especially suitable for the pulverization of the fine grinding of high grade pig Feed.


1.High output, low energy consumption

Optimal placement of rotor makes the current fluctuations within 10%, smoother operation and low energy consumption.

Optimization design for crushing Chamber, secondary crushing structure; improvement on structure of hammer, compared to other models, crushing efficiency upgrades 20%.An oblong Crusher (160kw) can save 498,000 Yuan one year, micro break section cost 298,800 Yuan per year.

2.Super stable, durable

Super wide crushed face, fully optimized arrangement of hammer films.Equipped with high precision dynamic balancing rotor, low vibration, low noise.


Movable operating door and linkage sieve press structure, more convenient for operation and maintenance.Equipped with a safety interlock device, protect personal safety.


Model Size(mm) Power(kw) No.of  hammers Screen Hole(mm) Capacity(t/h)
SFSP56×30 938×650×1438 18.5 18 Ф3.0 3-4
938×650×1438 22 18 Ф3.0 3-4
SFSP56×40 991×982×1637 30 22 Ф3.0 5-6
991×982×1637 37 22 Ф3.0 5-6
SFSP56×40 715×978×2057 45 22 Ф3.0 5-6
715×978×2057 55 34 Ф3.0 6-10
/ 75 34 Ф3.0 6-10
SFSP66×80 1150×1340×2548 90 96 Ф1.0 6-8
1150×1340×2548 110 96 Ф1.0 7-9.5
SFSP66×100 1340×1150×2800 132 120 Ф1.0 8-11
1340×1150×2800 160 120 Ф1.0 11-12

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