SFJZ Series Vibrating Sifter

Be suitable for the pre-cleaning of premix feed with good sieving effect and smooth operation.


1. Adopt self-balance vibration driving, good sieving effect, small size and smooth operation.

2. The streamline design within the outlet, which do not make the materials deposition, avoiding cross-contamination.

3. No need for oil lubrication and avoid oil leakage.

4. Pressure screening is simple and convenient and rapid screening.


Model Power(kw) Capacity     (t/h) Amplitude(mm) Size(mm)
SFJZ60 0.18 1-3 2-4 1165×738×634
SFJZ60A 0.18 1-3 2-4 1357×720×708
SFJZ100A 0.25 5-8 2-4 1460×1120×728

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