SCQY Series Drum Pre-cleaner

Type: Drum Pre-cleaner.

Capacity(t/h):20 – 80.

Power: 0.75 / 1.5kw.

Application:breaking the agglomerate effectively and separating large impurities such as straw, rope, paper, stones and so on from the powdery material.


Lochamp SCQY Series Drum Type Pre-cleaner is widely applied to granular material  cleaning in industries like flour mills, feed mill, grain storage, etc.Mainly used for separating large impurities like straw, rope, paper, earth,  leaves, maize cob to prevent the equipment from damaging and breaking down.


1. Low noise, low energy consumption and stable operation.

2. Can be used in the cleaning of soya bean, corn, wheat, rice, etc.

3. Compact structure design, good sealing, great performance, high production efficiency.

4. Driven by vibration motor. Centrifugal force and vibrating direction could be adjusted.


Model Power(kw) Capacity (t/h) Motor series Size(mm)
SCQY63×1C 0.75 20-40 4 840×1380×1799
SCQY90×1C 0.75 40-60 4 1320×2213×2803
SCQY90×2C 0.75 20-40 4 1320×1913×2803
SCQY120×2C 1.5 40-80 4 1530×2600×4000

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