Rotor Drum Granulator

Description As one of the crucial equipment in organic fertilizer industry, the rotor drum granulator is a forming machinery making materials into specific shapes. The main working mode of the equipment is wet granulation, utilizing a quantitative mount of water or vapor to make the basic fertilizer fully turned, rolled and gathered into a ball after it is moistened in the cylinder. For large-sized rotor drum granulator, we employ double motor to start and single motor to operate, saving 25% electricity.


The rotor drum granulator is suitable for cold and hot granulation as well as large-scale production of mixed organic fertilizers with high, medium and low concentrations.


cifications Cylinder Production capacity (t/h)
Inclination Inner diameter (Mm) Length (Mm) Rotational speed (r/min) Power (Kw)
Φ1.5*5 2-2.5 1500 5000 14 11 3--5
Φ1.8*6 1800 6000 11.5 15 5--8
Φ2.0*9 2000 9000 10.8 22 8--10
Φ2.4*10 2400 10000 9.7 37 12--15

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