Rotary Drum Cooler

Description The rotary drum cooler can distribute 65-85℃ particle organic fertilizers through lifter bars to the drum cross section evenly. The materials are fully contacted with cooled air and then rapidly cooled to approximate the normal temperature, which can be packaged in time and prevented from blocking during storage and transportation. For the cooling of large output materials, we do not recommend customers to use the largest rotary drum cooler. Due to the reason of efficiency, it is recommended to use the dual cooler.


The rotary drum cooler utilizes an induced draft fan at its feeding end to pump cold air from its tail. The air contacts with materials reversely and forces them to be cooled rapidly, thus the rotary drum cooler is an ideal cooling device for the production of mixed organic fertilizers.


1.The head and tail of the equipment is sealed with a heat resistant rubber sheet so that the sealing performance is excellent.

2.A tail hood is added and connected with the dust ventilating net, which can not only recover dust from the dusty gases, but also reduce energy consumption of the dust removal fan.

3.The equipment is added with the large hood design that can be used to reduce wind speed, so as to settle dust in the head cover and reduce the amount of dust outside the system.


Specification Power (KW) Volume(m3) Production capacity (t/h)
Φ1.2*10 7.5 11.3 1-3
Φ1.5*14 15 24.7 3-5
Φ2.0*16 37 50 5-8
Φ2.4*18 45 81 8-12

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