Quantitative belt feeding scale

Description Quantitative feeding belt scale is the core equipment of organic fertilizer automatic batching process, the product is Longchang patent products, domestic initiative. The utility model has the advantages of accurate measurement, high control precision and stable performance.


1.It can store more than a set of formulas for the call and modify at any time, data is stored if power loss.

2. Dynamic accumulative error: better than 0.5, the extracted feed weight signal is not affected by the belt tension force, feeding more accurate. stability: better than 0.0035% (max).

4. weighing signal linearity: better than 0.5%.

5.the use of environmental temperature: -10 degrees C - +45 ~ C, the relative temperature is less than or equal to 80%.

6. no need velometer: the machine is more reliable, more accurate weighing.

7. the flow rate and the percentage of weight on the given function

8. the use of flat belt, do not skirt belt, to avoid the spread phenomenon, the environment is better.


Spec Feeding Capacity (m3/h) Belt width (mm) Power (Kw)
PDC650 10-20 650 0.55+0.37
PDC500 10 500 0.55+0.37

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