Patent SKLNW Series Full Circular Cooler

Adopting the principle of counter flow to cool pellet with high temperature, high humidity, avoid direct contact between cold wind and hot materials, which can effectively prevent particles from cracking on the surface.


1.The equipment has access door in the front, which facilitate regular maintenance and inspection.

2.Cooler with all round section, no dead corner, materials drop more uniformly.

3.The new-type rotary distributor ensures height difference of material surface within 100mm. No frequency in starting motors to avoid energy consumption, Air intake area is 80% (10 times) more when comparing with other models.

4.Less resistance for cooling fan, saving energy 20%, no residues, avoid cross-contamination of materials, no rub, squeeze, avoid the fragmentation of granules.

5.Apply to cool pellet whose length is less than 40mm.


Model After coolingtemperature Power(kw) Capacity     (t/h) Size(mm)
SKLNW20 ≤RT+3℃ 0.75 8-15 2444×4776×2312
SKLNW25 ≤RT+3℃ 0.75 15-20 2874×4848×2732

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