PLC Series Proportioning System

Type: Proportioning System.

Certification: CE ,ISO90001: 2008.

Weigh(kg/batch): 150-2000.

Precision(%): static 0.1%FS ; dynamic 0.3%FS.


PLC series proportioning system is a set of control and management in the integration of intelligent computer system, superior performance,stable and reliable. It can be widely used in flour, feed,compound fertilizer ingredient control, construction and other industries.


Use imported high-class industrial computer as main proportioning device,setting up a full set of perfect control system with operating floor,simulation screen, and the scale itself. And according to different requirements, the combination can be one computer with one scale,two scales or three scales.


Model Weigh(kg/p) Precision(%)
LCS0.3 150 (Static)0.1%FS (Dynamic)0.3%FS
LCS1.0 500
LCS2.0 1000
LCS4.0 2000

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