Movable turner

Description The movable turner integrates the crushing function of the later stage of material fermentation. During dehydration, the dehydrated materials can be crushed at the same time. Accordingly, the crushing efficiency of materials are remarkably enhanced to reduce the production cost of an enterprise, which fundamentally solves the problem that the production capacity of traditional turners is restricted by the crusher. The movable turner is especially suitable for producing microorganism fermented materials into excellent bio-organic fertilizer.


The movable turner can effectively mix viscous fermented materials and microbial agents, straw powder evenly, creating a better aerobic environment for material fermentation.

Under this loose material character, it takes 24-48 hours for the fermented materials to heat up, three days to deodorize and about 15 days to become fertilizer. This turner requires only one person to drive to operate in open areas, workshops, green houses.


Model Capacity m3/day Turning height m Turning width m Motor
ZFP-2000 400--500 0.5--0.8 2 32hp, water cooling, point start
ZFP-2300 500--700 0.6--1.0 2.3 58 hp, water cooling, point start
ZFP-2600 800--1000 0.9--1.3 2.6 84 hp, water cooling, point start
ZFP-3200 900-1500 1.1--1.6 3.2 150 hp, water cooling, point start
ZFP-3600 1000-1800 1.2--1.8 3.6 200 hp, water cooling, point start
ZFP-5000 2000-3000 1.5--2.0 5 300 hp, water cooling, point start

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