Mixing Machinery


The mixing machinery is designed with cycloidal pinwheel reducer, which is easy to operate and check.

Product advantage

1.Designed with cycloid reducer, compact design, easy to operate, easy to check.

2.Tube with polypropylene plate lining stainless steel plate, easy to sticky material, wear resistance.

3.Material in the equipment of the residence time adjustable, flexible operation.

4.In the processing process, can be flexible and optional processing, including heating, cooling and wetting


Technical Date of Groove Type Lifting Compost Turner

Model Rotor diameter (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (t)
SFSP56x30 Φ400 10-15 15 1.8
SFSP56x40 Φ400 15-20 22 2.5

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