Lochamp Group Wins Big Order from Malaysia Government, New Made in Henan Overseas Business Card

June 17 , 2021

March 28th, witnessed by the Crown Prince of Pahang in Malaysia, China’s well-known animal husbandry enterprise , Lochamp Group, and Malaysia LMC company (LIVING MICRO CORPORATION) reached a strategic cooperation. According to the cooperation agreement, the future all Moringa feed production lines in LMC company Moringa seed extension industry chain are provided by Henan Lochamp. Lochamp took a solid step forward on the road to the world market.

LMC is an important company of the Malaysian Ministry of Economy and Agriculture, which aims to provide a full range of technical support and advisory services to Malaysian agriculture and improve the domestic agricultural and economic living standards in Malaysia.

Lochamp Group successfully won the order in Malaysia, with the Crown Prince witness.

As the first ASEAN country to establish diplomatic relations with China, in recent years, Malaysia and China have maintained a good trade and partnership. Especially in recent years, China and Malaysia have more cooperation and communication in the political, economic and other areas. The majority of Chinese enterprises have contributed much in the Malaysian market, including Henan Lochamp Group, who focus on agricultural and animal husbandry machinery manufacturing enterprises.

Recently, by virtue of the excellent performance in the feed production line, Henan Lochamp Group won the favor of the Malaysian LMC company, who stand out from many feed equipment manufacturers in the world, won all the LMC Moringa feed production line orders.

March 28, Lochamp Group and Malaysia LMC company formally signed a cooperation agreement. The Crown Prince of Malaysia (PAHANG Tuanku) also came to the scene and witness the historic moment of the moringa seed market in Malaysia and Asia.

Lochamp group vice President Wu Gaoming gave pahang crown prince the Chinese porcelain as gifts, commemorative china-malaysia friendship between the two countries.

According to reports, the strategic cooperation meeting aims at developing Malaysia Moringa industry and becomes third pillars of resource industry in Malaysia after the palm tree, durian. Cooperation with Lochamp, LMC company will be the depth of integration from planting to processing of Moringa industry, open new markets to enhance the Moringa feed, meat quality, reduce the production cost of laying hens, which has taken a substantial step.

For the future development of Lochamp group in Malaysia, vice president Wu Gaoming said, hopes that Chinese Belt and Road Initiative policy environment, with the help of the two countries friendly policy resources and geographical advantages, make full use of technical advantages of Lochamp, develop a higher level in the overseas market.

Statistics shows that the equipment manufacturing industry in Henan is the main business, which income is over one trillion yuan per year, is to promote the healthy development of Henan’s economy and the leading force of kinetic energy transformation. Especially with the “The Belt and Road” national strategy and the Henan free trade zone was set up, Henan equipment manufacturing industry plays a more important role in the world economy.

After the meeting, Lochamp accompanied by Johor group of senior state officials, visited the state of Johor new high-speed development and port.

According to the relevant responsible person said from Lochamp, Johor port close to Singapore, complete supporting facilities, the local production cost is slightly lower than China, and the vitality of the market is sufficient, it was first choice of Lochamp planed to go out of the country and build overseas factories.

20 years hardworking, Lochamp Group finally comes to the fore.

It is reported that Henan Lochamp group is the member of animal husbandry engineering branch of Chinese Animal Husbandry Association and one of the leading agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises of Henan Province and national high-tech enterprise.  Founded in 1996, the company has been focusing on customized all kinds of agricultural equipment, including feed equipment, organic fertilizer equipment and intelligent industrial equipment. LMC cooperates with Lochamp for their animal feed production line this time.

“Besides chicken feed line for broilers, layers and chicks, we can also manufacture feed processing equipment for piglets, fattening pigs, boars and other livestock. All is based on the actual needs of customers and suitable for their development vision.” Mr.Zhang said.

Mr. Zhang, the director of technology department, told to reporters that there’re many common raw materials for poultry feed like corn, rice, polished rice, rice bran, cassava flour, fish meal, feather powder and so. Based on the feature of the raw materials, Lochamp feed mill mainly includes raw material receiving& pre-cleaning system, crushing system, batching & mixing system, pelletizing & cooling system, packing system and palletizing system, which is efficient and sanitary and coincided with LCM’s purpose on “making healthy feed for chicken”. That’s why Lochamp finally won the projects.

Meanwhile, the moringa feed mil provided by Lochamp will help LMC company using moringa to produce a new type feed – moringa feed. This greatly reduces the demand for common materials such as corn in Malaysia, and will make outstanding contributions to the future food shortage crisis. At the same time, moringa is rich in vitamins and minerals, which will tremendously improve nutrition and quality of animal feed.

Processing Equipment of Lochamp Workshop

Oversea projects

To carry out cross-border e-commerce, Lochamp becomes the model of Chinese manufacturing transformation

Reporters learned that Lochamp has established cooperation with a number of overseas enterprises through the development of cross-border e-commerce before signs with Malaysian LMC company. This manufacturing transformation and upgrading become the overseas markets success model and has attracted the attention from the world.

Lochamp Chairman Wu Changming told reporters from the beginning of 2015 Lochamp chose an actively change on the road of development,especially on e-commerce development in the presence of a variety of markets to open overseas markets. At present, the Lochamp daily customer views from the English website between 2000 to 3000 times of the total, the equivalent of the online office to do a feed machinery exhibition every day.

In 2016, Lochamp also successfully won the China Central International Trade e-commerce service base “model member enterprise” title, the same year won the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce “provincial e-commerce outstanding demonstration enterprises”, and shown as a typical export enterprises online Marketing cases by Google to promote in the global. The cooperation with the Malaysian LMC company is  only one case in the overseas market achievements.

Lochamp Chairman Wu Changming said that Lochamp will continue to increase the development of overseas markets in the future to improve Henan manufacture and China agricultural machinery to show to the world.

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