LOP Series Robot Palletizer

Loading-bearing Capacity : 120-300 Kg

Handling Capacity: 1000-1400(c/hr)

Power: 4-11.5 KW

Net Weight: 750-1500 kg


Unique Linear Executing Mechanism
1. Ingenious four-links mechanism enables robot programming more easily ,controlling more precisely. Energy-saving Arm Design
2. High-strength aluminum arm moves more flexibly, also reduces energy consumption. Simple Teaching and Friendly Graphical HMI
3. Fewer teaching points and easier graphical menu can offer much easier commissioning and greatly


1. Thanks to the high-precise simulation software, you may confirm whether the on-site program works properly or not on your PC in advance. Automatic interference detection prevents costly damage to your equipment.
2. 3D simulation software, allows robot programming to be done on a PC in the office. Processes like layout creation, interference detection, on-site motion simulation become easier and more efficient. This Shorten the initial operating time on site and increase overall productivity greatly

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