Hammer Mill


The chain mill crusher is one of the most used crushing machines in the organic fertilizer industry. During crushing, the chain mill crusher utilizes the high-strength wear-resistant carbide chain which rotates in synchronous speed and is not easily damaged and provided with long service life. The chain cutter is forged from special steel to enable high production efficiency of the crushing machine. The inner wall of the casing is lined with a polypropylene board with smoother surface, which solves the problems that the materials stick to the wall and the inner wall is not easy to clean.


The chain mill crusher is applicable for crushing block materials in the organic fertilizer production, which is also widely used in chemical, building materials, mining among many other industries.


Model Power (KW) Yield(t/h)
FSL60 11/15 3-5
FSL80 18.5/22 8-10
FSL100 37/45 15-20

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