Cyclone dust collector

Application Scope:

It’s applicable to feed, mines, metallurgy, fireproof materials, building materials, coal, chemical industry and power industry.

Operating Principle:

Cyclone dust collector is a dry gas-solid separator device that separates dust powder from air stream by using centrifugal force generated by revolving dust air.

It is easy in structure and manufacturing and low in cost and running cost. It has high filtering efficiency for coarse dust particles that have a diameter more than 5 μm, but it has low filtering efficiency for fine dust particles that have a diameter less than 5 μm(especially fine dust particles with low density).

So cyclone dust collector is often used for preliminary treatment on coarse dust powder purification or multi-stage purification, sometimes used together with other type dust collector.


1.Can be used in combination by the single-tube and single cylinder, single cylinder air capacity for 15000-18000m³/h.

2. Dust removal efficiency high up to 95%.

3.High temperature resistant linings, temperature-resistant up to 450 ° c, resistance is 20-30 times more than ordinary carbon steel base.

4.Simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, long service life.


Model Power(kw) The gas velocity     (L/min) Motor series Size(mm)
STJG100 4 100 4 880×1500×840
2.2 100 6 /
STJG200 4 200 4 /
7.5 200 4 1559×2147×1198
STJG50 2.2×2 50 6 680×1135×775

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