Automatic Premix Feed Line

August 16 , 2021
Zhengda Group: Automatic Premix Feed Line
Customer Introduction Zhengda Group is engaged in the complete modern husbandry industry chain including seed amelioration, planting industry, feed industry, breeding industry, farm product and pasture product processing, food sales, import and export trade, etc. It is a model of industrialized operation of modern agriculture and animal husbandry. Project overview: Following Zhengda Group’s requirement of an automatic premix feed line, LoChamp designed and built a complete production line integrating proportioning, mixing and packaging. After coming into use, this production featured high production speed and high output, greatly satisfied the client.

Production Line Process

① Grinding ② Proportioning ③ Mixing ④ Pelleting ⑤ Cooling ⑥ Bagging ⑦ Stacking

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