BCP50 microcomputer controlled quantitative packing scale

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 BCP50 microcomputer controlled quantitative packing scale (single belt feed hopper) apply to granular and powdered materials quantitative packaging. It is widely used in food, feed, food, light industry, chemical technology industry. It consists of mechanical devices and computer control system. Mechanical devices, including feeding, scale body, sewing, conveyor, pneumatic system and other parts; weighing control system includes sensors, smart weighing instruments and PLC program control.


Installation Precautions


lifting:This equipment can be the whole lifting, lifting should be noted that the "up" mark, not tilted, inverted, to be light, shockproof, avoid collisions.


storage:It should be pay attention to moisture, fire and ventilation.




Indoor installation, four weeks shall be sufficient space for operation and maintenance. Installation shall be guaranteed to work when the scale body without shaking or noticeable vibration to ensure the accuracy of measurement.


sewing column and product conveyor installation should check, it can be embedded ground screw or bolt fastening clip bag centers must coincide with the longitudinal centerline of the conveyor.


Installation site should be as far away from the source of vibration.between the hopper and the scale aircraft, Except through sensor connection, It shall not have any other power transmission channels, hopper scale aircraft shall not be in contact with.


Belt feed inlet on the next surge hopper, requiring storage 3-5 package materials.


Operation and commissioning the operation


Open the control box on the "key switch", the power, and the control box on the "switch" pull in the "open" position, then issued a feeding cycle signal that the weighing signal. It starts feeding cycle, feeding device for fast charging, fast charging indicator light.


When the control system receives the input signal for lower limit, the feeding device feeding into a slow feeding from the fast and slow feed will light.


When the upper limit of the control system receives the input signal, the feeding device feeding stops and shows the times the weight of a feed cycle is completed, the weighing complete light. Meanwhile, the calibration light off, electromagnetic counter a number.


When a folder on the device folder bag bags bag limit switch gives a signal has been put on, while "Pause / Run" switch in the "run" position and the "Weighing completed" indicator lights, automatic unloading hopper, and only allowed one discharge, so after discharge should be placed in a new bag to the tube mouth, and presses the micro switch it is jammed.


After each unloading bags, weighing cycles automatically repeat steps 1-4.using the calibration lamps can help the operator to set fast charging and slow charging, if the calibration lamp lighting time more than 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds, then by increasing the lower limit to increase speed.


If a cycle calibration lamp does not light or the light emitting time less than 1 second, indicating that the feeding speed is too fast, and will affect the accuracy of the weighing may be adjusted by decreasing the lower limit. in a suspended state can be manually "discharge" button to put good materials discharged into the bag.


In the normal weighing cycle, "Pause / Run" switch is pulled to "pause" position, pending completion of weighing, it suspended discharge.




When the feeding belt conveyor is fast feeding, unloading gates opened, the flow gate at a high level; when feeding belt conveyor is slow, the flow in the low gate; usually slow feed flow set no higher than 2Kg / s by adjusting the flow gate and to the distance between the feed belt can be easily achieved. When you reach the final weight, cut material gate is closed, the gate will return to the highest flow rate.


Feeding belt conveyor feed gates should be instantaneous cut off to ensure weighing accuracy.


Entire weighing process, the slow feed flow to debug, it about 2Kg / s; traffic on the gate using the device handle screwed to increase traffic flow to reduce spin out. In a slow way of packing bags of feed and weight are correct feeding debugging can be carried out quickly, that the lower limit is adjusted accordingly, until smooth feeding.


Intelligent weighing instrument settings


Final weight: the actual weight of each bag is assumed to 40.00kg;Air weight: weight of material hanging in the air is assumed to 0.4kg;Upper Weight :40-0 .4 = 39.6kg;Lower Weight: 30.00kg.


Setting the upper limit is 40.00kg, the lower limit value of 0.00kg.It will switch to the "ON" position, try to pack a bag. Throughout the period of slow feeding, stop feeding when the note until the weight (example 40.40). The excess weight, according to 40-0.4 = 39.6 input to the upper limit. Excess weight (0.40) is the weight of the air column of material, must be compensated.


Packing second bag or bags to ensure that the third weight is correct. At this time, the slow addition state right weight has been reached, the air is measured weight value.


Using the calibration lamps and a lower limit to set the speed, calibration lamp helps the operator according to the following methods to speed the lower limit, the feedstock is fast. Calibration lights a long time, indicating that the lower limit is set too low; short time calibration light is not lit, it indicates that the lower limit is set too high. The product and the speed of the cylinder element, the lower limit value due to the different materials are quite different. Calibration lamp to glow about 1 to 1.5 seconds as normal.


Note: The scale body static calibration, see the instruction manual weighing indicator.

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